During the many journeys I am rounding the world furniture design fascinated me.  There different craziness, styles, the simplicity of their structure and the fabulous finishes which will making each furniture piece unique.  I’m overwhelmed by branded furniture worldwide and deciding to start furniture business in Bangladesh to offering our people nice furniture that complimenting their lifestyle.  Our crafts people are great talents and with my guidance they were able to produce beautiful furniture pieces recognized and appreciated by our people.

Cotton jute silk and brocade fabric from Bangladesh was artistic textiles which is woven to give a soul to a piece of furniture when upholstered with it.  I was enjoying working with such exclusive fabrics to making each piece of furniture different and crazy.


Who is We

During the past 25 years we at Nasren Zamir And Associate has committed to providing our clients unique and elegant interior design solution that is contemporary in style and functional in use.

The last two and a half decades has been very exciting for the firm has completed over 50 major projects. Our clients include many of the leading Hotels, et, et etc. in Bangladesh. We have opened a design showroom in response to the growing demand for quality furniture, artwork, and accessories for home and office.

Furniture designed for private homes and apartments – hotel guestrooms – office – public areas etc. make in our own factory by skilled craftsmen.

Our designs range from contemporary to classic for a well design interior. Artistry in caftmanship and detail make our furniture exclusive.



The production of local furniture in our own factory. Furniture has make of the finest polished woods, produced by highly skilled craftsmen, who are won national prices for wood carving work.


Crafts Work

Our craftsman have had working with supervisors from Ecole Boulle a well known design in . Artistry in craftsmanship and detail make our furniture exclusive.